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Camera Facilities, one the UK’s foremost digital camera rental companies is based on the lot at Pinewood Studios providing 35mm Digital Cameras, Lenses, Grip and Lighting Equipment.

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Preston: MKIII Wireless Lens Control System

The Preston MKIII is a 3-channel lens and camera control system.


Our latest version of this industry classic brings together robust construction, high precision and intuitive operation. The system can control both lens functions (focus, iris, and zoom) as well as camera functions (speed, shutter angle, and VTR). See 'Technical' for a comprehensive list of the items included in our new kits.

The HU3 gives focus pullers not only a robust and reliable unit but one whose controls equip the focus puller to smoothly translate the changing actors' positions on set to a precise movement of the focus knob. It integrates its 30 channel 2.4GHz wireless link into a new splash-resistant housing. Weather sealed tactile switches are used throughout. The integrated microwave antenna is protected from impact. The iris slider uses a unique non contact technology to eliminate the opening required for a conventional sliding seal.

Generation 4 (G4) transceivers address the challenges brought about by the proliferation of wireless devices using the 2.4 GHz wireless band. Their new architecture results in a greatly improved ability to reject interference from other devices operating in the same band as well as out of band interference. The improvement in performance is quite significant, typically 10x or better interference rejection than previous transceivers. In addition, their lower power consumption doubles the operating time of the HU3 on battery power compared to its predecessor.

New software called "Lens Mapping" matches the focus distances of a lens to a set of five pre-printed Focus Marking Rings. These rings differ in their minimum focus distance from 9" (.35m) to 6' (2m). The on-board lens library holds data for 150 lenses. Calibration for a lens change only requires the few seconds to choose the lens from the library. The primary references for the focus puller are the distance marks on the focus rings. The set of focus rings have large, easy to read, distance marks printed on a bright fluorescent background for excellent visibility under all lighting conditions. The rings are automatically illuminated in low light conditions by a pair of white LED's.

Included in the Kit:


HU3 Hand Unit
HU3 Rubber Hand Grip
HU3 Hand Grip Blanking Plate
HU3 Hand Unit Yellow A1 - E1 Focus Ring
HU3 Hand Unit Blank Focus Ring
Focus / Iris (FI) Unit
Focus / Iris (FI) Marker Ring


DM2 Motor
DM2 Motor
DM1-X Motor


Digital Microforce 2
DMF to HU3 bracket

Batteries and Chargers:

Prospec 2-Channel Simultaneous Battery Charger
AC Adaptor 100-240v (12v Output)
Sony NP-FM50 Li-ion 7.4V Battery
Sony NP-FM50 Li-ion 7.4V Battery
Sony NP-FM50 Li-ion 7.4V Battery
Sony NP-FM50 Li-ion 7.4V Battery
Li-ion 7.2V Battery


R/A to R/A motor cable
R/A to STR motor cable
Main Command Cable
MDR power 12v XLR
MDR Power 24v 3 pin XLR PV
MDR Power 24v 3 pin XLR ARRI
MDR Power 24v PV
MDR Power AB D-tap
Camera Cable - ARRI
Camera Cable - PV
Camera Cable - Sony HD
Digital MF cable 8' long
Digital MF cable short, bracket use
Digital MF Y cable 24v ARRI
Digital MF Y cable PV
Digital MF Y cable AB D-tap
Digital MF Extension cable


Spare Receiver Aerial
0.5 inch Wide Output Gear
48 Pitch PV Zoom
64 Pitch PV Iris Gear
0.50 Pitch Canon Gear
0.60 Pitch Fuji Gear
0.40 Pitch Video Iris Gear

Brackets and Accessories:

Pan Bar Articulating Arm, 18mm & 3/4" mount
Jerry Hill PAM 19 Motor Brackets
Jerry Hill 19/15 Step down bushing
Jerry Hill 19/PV Step down bushing
Element Technica V-lock MDR mount & Speedy Clamp
Cinetape Interface Cable