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Neutrik: Connection Panel Kit 2U 2x16

Multipurpose flush connection panel with an almost infinite number of configurations.


The 'Universal Connection System' allows a wide range of connectors and switches, with the Neutrik 'D' series housing, or the Canford 'Universal' series connectors, to be assembled by the user in a single panel without special metalwork. Panels are supplied complete with M3 screws, nuts and shakeproof washers for connector fixing.

Manufactured from lightweight but extremely rigid aluminium extrusions, 1U one-row, 2U two-row and 3U three-row panels are available with 16 cut-outs per row to mount a wide range of components including the Canford 'Universal' series connectors and Neutrik 'D' series housing connectors. Where fewer channels are required and to avoid the need to fit blanking plates in unused ports, a 1U, 8 cut-out version is available, with connectors equally spaced across the panel providing maximum area for labelling. 2U flat panels with a single row of 2, 4, 6 or 8 cut-outs are also available. They are suitable for all 'D' series housings and will accommodate Neutrik 'opticalCON' chassis connectors fitted with gaskets and Neutrik 'Speakon' sockets, both of which require a larger cut-out separation than a 16 way panel provides.

Angled panels

Manufactured from a unique profile aluminium-extrusion with integral rear bracing-bar, the front face of the panel is angled down by 7.5 degrees from vertical, relieving stress on mated cables and maintaining clear access at the rear. The panel may be mounted 'upside down' giving an upward tilt to the face if mated cables are routed from above. 

All panels are fitted with a cranked lacing-bar for each row of connectors giving easy access to the rear of the connectors.

The 'Universal Connection System' is primarily designed for the user requiring a small number of panels with a mixture of connectors, switches etc. If a larger number of custom populated panels or non standard metalwork is required.

The 'D' series mounting flange is used by Neutrik for a wide variety of connector types including male and female XLR’s, 3-pole jack socket (A and B gauge), recessed RCA (phono), ‘Ethercon’ RJ45 data connector, USB, Firewire, ‘Speakon’ loudspeaker connectors and recessed BNC sockets. Most connector types can be front or rear mounted on the panel. The M3 threaded DL series XLRs may be rear mounted without the need for nuts and washers by simply inserting the supplied screws. These panels are designed to offer the highest possible connector density in most cases, but the Neutrik ‘Speakon’ loudspeaker connectors must be alternately spaced (horizontally) with blanking plates as the width of the cable connector is greater than that of the chassis connector.

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