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Kramer: VM−4HDxl

The VM−4HDxl is a high-performance distribution amplifier for 3G HD−SDI signals.


The VM-4HDxl is an excellent cost effective solution for providing multiple HD-SDI outputs for monitoring on location from a single source. The unit comes supplied in a Peli case with a 240v PSU and locking 12v DC – 4Pin XLR Power Cable.

The Kramer VM-4HDxl is a high performance 1:4 distributor for all SDI video signals. It accepts one input, equalizes and re-clocks it, and distributes the signal to four identical outputs using BNC connectors.

The VM-4HDxl:

•    Operates at 2.97Gbps, for use at standard definition, high definition and the new 3G high definition serial digital video
     signals (3G HD-SDI)
•    Passes ancillary digital information, such as embedded audio, Teletext, and time code) during the blanking period
•    Complies with SMPTE 292M, 259M and 424M and supports data rates of 270Mbps, 1483.5Mbps, 1485Mbps and
•    Provides automatic, multi-rate equalization and reclocking for losses typical with long runs of 75Ω co-axial cable up to
     300m 300m for SD signals; 200m for 1.5GHz HD signals; 100m for 3GHz HD signals
•    Features LEDs to indicate the SDI resolution (SD or HD)

  • Input:                                         1 SMPTE−259M/292M/344M/424M serial video 75Ω on a BNC connector
  • Outputs:                                    4 equalized and reclocked SMPTE−259M/292M/344M/424M outputs 75Ω on BNC connectors
  • Max Data Rate:                       2.97Gbps
  • Max Output Level:                   800mVpp/75Ω
  • Coupling:                                  AC
  • Power Source:                        12V DC, 250mA
  • Dimensions:                            12.02cm x 7.08cm x 2.42cm (4.73" x 2.79" x 0.95") W, D, H.
  • Weight:                                     0.3kg (0.66lbs) approx.
  • Accessories:                            Power supply, mounting bracket.
  • Options:                                    RK−3T 19" rack adapter.

Click the following links to download the files:

1. Kramer VM-4HDxl Manual Download