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Cinekinetic: Cinesaddle

The CineSaddle is a unique camera support product that provides a stable base for a wide variety of shots.


The CineSaddle allows you to be creative because it can be used in so many ways.

The CineSaddle is filled with high tech foam balls that push the sides of the bag tight up against the camera holding it rock steady. In similar fashion the bottom of the CineSaddle moulds itself to the shape of the object it is resting on preventing it from slipping. The foam balls also absorb vibration providing a very stable surface for the camera. The CineSaddle is also extremely lightweight and simple to set up.

Place the camera and CineSaddle on any flat surface or on top of a tripod. You can even pan and tilt with the CineSaddle. With the included mounting kit you can strap the CineSaddle to any moving object and create a dolly.

The CineSaddle come in variety of models depending on your needs and the size of your camera. The original CineSaddle is a full size saddle for professional cameras ranging in size from Broadcast HD to compact HD models.

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